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The work of Peace Through Unity began way back in 1946 when Anthony Brooke, Rajah Muda of Sarawak, was called upon to help the indigenous peoples of Sarawak stand up for their rights against the might of the British Empire. For 5 years he led a non-violent struggle in accordance with UN Charter principles, and found the vocation which would define him for the next 64 years.


In 1975 Anthony & Gita Brooke, now beginning a life partnership together, established The Foundation for Peace Through Unity in Sweden, using Anthony's family's philanthropic funds. This vehicle for their work would serve until 1989, when, now settled in New Zealand, they established The Peace Through Unity Charitable Trust.

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With the blessing of the Brooke Family, and in particular Anthony's children James and Celia, Anthony & Gita placed their home, 'Rumah Brooke', within the charitable trust, and over the course of the next 20 years worked with their family to lay out principles for the future of the family home after their time. In 2015 Anthony & Gita's Peace Studies graduate grandson, Jason, was appointed as PTU Advisory Panel Member, to represent the Brooke Family, and to represent 'the power of the individual to effect change in the World'.

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