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Anthony & Gita Brooke, Founders


During their lifetimes Anthony and Gita led our work from the front, directing the activities of OPTU and interpreting the best means of advancing the cause they had built upon the Brooke Sarawak foundation. Anthony passed away in 2011 and Gita in 2020, and since then it was intended that the work be guided by the Advisory Panel in alignment with the Brooke Family's wishes.

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Jason Brooke, Advisor Panel Member

Brooke Family Representative

Anthony's grandson Jason is a Peace Studies graduate and charity director who has led the Brooke Trust for 11 years and sat on the Advisory Panel of Peace Through Unity for 7 years. His writings have been published in Many to Many and together with Gita he established The Brooke Fellowship in 2015 as a continuation of the life's work of his grandfather.

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The Trustees
Responsible for ensuring the wishes of the Brooke Family are followed

Iris Spellings
Advisory Panel Member 2
Iris met Gita for the first time in February 2020 and is responsible for attending occasional public UN events in New York

Kate Smith
Advisory Panel Member 2
Kate has assisted with occasional events in Whanganui and is responsible for providing local maintenance for Rumah Brooke

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Leadership: Team Members
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